My moonlou story

My name is Lujza, I am a professional turban wearer, a mountain lover and fashion enthusiast.

It's already been more than 2 years since I was introduced to headwear world.

In 2018 I lost my hair due to Alopecia. Wearing headdresses made me feel more comfortable and conscious, even though I looked totally different compared to other women. After some time I realized, it really looks cool and highlights my face. Since then I was a women with a head wrap, which specified my personality and became my style. That was the moment when my journey changed. It brought me to Sri Lanka where I was exposed to totally different perspective of life and joy.

After many positive reactions on my head-covers I decided to create my own fashion brand called moonlou. And here we are, dear friends! :) 
Moonlou saw the very first light of day in 2019 in a local tailor's workshop in Sri Lanka. Moonlou are handmade turbans, headbands and scarves with an authentic design for every moment.

Moonlou encourages women in self- acceptance, celebrates imperfections and spreads the idea of inner happiness and beauty. We think that every woman can feel beautiful and self-confident in her own skin.
The philosophy behind the whole project "enjoy being you" celebrates women's beauty in diversity and nature.
With love
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