Enjoy being you

Summer Collection 2022

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Enjoy being you

Moonlou encourages women in self-acceptance and celebrates women’s beauty in diversity and authenticity. Moonlou is a reminder for all women to respect the way we are with love, courage and patience.

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Bamboo Collection

Bamboo collection is restocked.

We’ve worked with bamboo fabric since last year 2021. We created our first bamboo collection of turbans and headbands, which we’ve been constantly restocking based on your positive reactions.

For the production of this collection, we use natural, certified OEKO bamboo with elastane, which is soft, highly sweat absorbent, hypoallergenic and ecological.

Bamboo products are especially popular in summer, thanks to the properties of the fabric, but they are a great accessory all year round. The collection is sewn with the help of local tailors in a small workshop in the south – west Slovakia.

Natural materials

The products are made in limited collections by local tailors. Comfortable and certified natural materials with an authentic design for every moment mark the difference. 

Moonlou Story

Moonlou is a part of a life story in which the wearing of turbans and scarves has became more than a piece of style. Based on our experience we decided to spread the idea in a world.