From Sri Lanka to brand creation


My name is Lujza and I am a founder of moonlou – the small Slovak brand of exclusive bamboo clothes and accessories.

Moonlou started its journey in 2019, when I traveled to Sri Lanka and my one-month recovery stay turned into 5 months of running around the island with a backpack full of fabric.

That’s how one crazy idea and a need for quality, comfortable and stylish headwear transformed into the first moonlou collection, which was sewn in a small workshop near Colombo. At that time, our offer consisted only of turbans and headbands with our own design.

After returning to Slovakia and introducing the brand, the production was completely moved to the Slovak workshop. Nowadays we sew all the products locally based on our own, original cuts. We use high-quality, natural and certified fabrics that we personally test.

In 2022, we expanded the portfolio with an exclusive collection of bamboo clothing, which represents the mainstay of the brand.  

We bring to the market quality clothing made from bamboo with the highest certification possible (even suitable for very sensitive skin), which has been almost unknown in Europe till now.

Moonlou is a reminder to respect and accept even difficult life moments as chances for personal growth and change.