Moonlou is a part of a life story in which wearing of turbans and scarves became more than a style. The idea of the brand developed from the need to find comfortable and attractive headwear.

We created the first piece of turban for personal use and discovered that a head cover could be a fashionable as well as functional accessory.

for pharmacies

Moonlou turbans are made for all women. There are also those, who need this product daily to feel comfortable and more self-confident. This is the reason why we have established cooperation with pharmacies to bring our turbans closer to women with hair problems caused by various diseases.

We want to offer them a practical, comfortable and stylish head cover for every day and provide a wide range of products, so they can choose the most suitable turban according their needs.

So far, we have established cooperation with several pharmacies in Slovakia and Czech Republic, where our turbans are offered to patients.

for kids

The idea of ​​supporting children was born in the early days of the brand, and we are very happy that we managed to fulfil this vision.

Since 2020, we have been cooperating with children’s hospitals in Slovakia and Czechia, where we donate the turbans to pediatric oncology every year.

We started with the 1+1 campaign (buy one, give one), thanks to which we donated more than 250 turbans to children in Slovak hospitals.

In 2021, €1 from each of your purchases went to the production of children’s turbans. From this amount, we were able to purchase high-quality, certified fabric for the production of turbans.

With the initiative of the sewing workshop we made 300 turbans for children, that went to the hospitals in Slovakia and Czechia.

In 2022 & 2023 we keep this initiative of collection €1 from your purchases for the production of turbans for women and children.

My name is Lujza and I am a founder of moonlou – the small Slovak brand of universal and original headwear. 

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