Bamboo long pants – Black


Bamboo long pants in black color. The cut of the trousers is wide to the letter A. The design is minimalistic, elegant with a gentle fold in the front and back. The trousers have pockets on the sides.

Material: 95% bamboo, 5% Elastane
(Öeko-Tex® Standard 100 class 1 certificate)
Size: S/M, L
Color: black
Made in limited quantities in Slovakia

Clothing measurements:

S-M (small-medium)

Waist: 65 – 74 cm (with the gum )
Hips: 96 – 110 cm
Length: 100 cm (including the waist)

L (large)

Waist: 77 – 92 cm (with the gum )
Hips: 96 – 110 cm
Length: 103 cm (including the waist)

Bamboo set: long pants + lace/t-shirt top (€5 off the total)

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lou bamboo wear presents exclusive bamboo clothing with its own original design for every occasion. The pieces are made from fine, high-quality certified bamboo, which is silky to the touch and elegant to look at.

The bamboo fabric we used for the sets is ecological, naturally antiseptic and has the ability to absorb smell. The material absorbs 4x more moisture than cotton. Thanks to its structure, bamboo knit has thermal insulation properties. In hot weather, it can reduce the temperature and cool the body, while in the cold it will provide the skin with an adequate level of warmth. The fabric absorbs up to 90% of UV radiation. Thanks to its antibacterial effects, it is suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

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S/M, L

Bamboo long pants - Black

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